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Dive Log, DCbuddy and the Suunto Vyper Novo and Zoop Novo

The current shipping version of Dive Log for iOS contains support for downloading Suunto’s latest dive computers using DCbuddy. You can download the Vyper Novo and the Zoop Novo by choosing the Manufacturer “Suunto” and the Model “DX” on the DCbuddy download screen. Dive Log will automatically detect that you are talking to a Vyper Novo or Zoop Novo and will parse the downloaded data appropriately. The next update to Dive Log will add the Vyper Novo and the Zoop Novo to the list of Models on the DCbuddy downloads page.

The Vyper Novo and the Zoop Novo use the “DCbuddy - Suunto D” connectors rather than the “DCbuddy - Suunto Z” connectors used by previous Vyper and Zoop models. If you already have a DCbuddy and just require just the pigtail connector those are available from the DiveNav Inc. website (

Dive Log also recently added support for the Oceanic DataMask and the Aeris CompuMask. These computers use the "DCbuddy - Pelagic V” connectors.