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We're still here!

Happy World Ocean Day! We're taking this day as an opportunity to update you on what's been going on around here. Apparently we're good at writing software, but not very good at writing Blog posts. Go figure.

First of all, yes we're still here. And yes we continue to talk to and support our customers who use our logbook software, even if you don't see us here publicly. We continue to add new features to our products, and add support for additional dive computers which keep being created and updated. And we also continue to make sure our software works on the latest Apple operating system releases and devices which also keep being created and updated.

Some of the things we have added include:
- Adding "AirSync" support to easily synchronize logbooks between Apple devices in a limited network environment
- Adding support for Exchanging Location and Marine Life items between logbooks and platforms (.dlexch files)
- CSV Export of Dive's and Dive Details
- Importing dive data from other, now defunct logbook applications (macOS)
- Added support for looking at a Cloud version of a logbook file "read only" to avoid possible corruption (macOS)
- Additional features for technical divers
- Additional Statistics categories (iOS and iPadOS)

And adding support for new dive computers from DiveSoft, Shearwater, Pelagic (including the Aqualung i330R), Garmin and ScubaPro. We have also confirmed support for Importing UDDF information from the Apple Watch Ultra when used with the AWU2UDDF software. (iOS only for now)

If you have any questions for us, please reach out! We're still here. Helping you celebrate all your Ocean Day's!