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New Features -> New Logbook Format

Dive Log (iOS), DiveLogDT, DiveLogManager (macOS) and Diving Log 6.0 (Windows - have all recently been updated with some new features:

  • Marine Life Management
  • Marine Life Import from Encyclopedia of Life (
  • Marine Life Sightings in Dives
  • New Dive field options: Water Type (Chlorinated), Entry Type (Pool, Aquarium, Jetty, Ice), Supply Type (PSCR, Sidemount, Surface)
  • High Resolution Signature support
  • Dive Stamp in Dives and the Personal section
  • Medical Statement scan in Personal Medical section
  • Bookmarks in Dive profiles

These new features required an updated logbook format. All the applications will automatically update your existing logbook to take advantage of these new features. Previous versions of the applications can also read the new logbook format (but will not see the new fields). However, it is recommended that you update all these applications that you use to the latest version prior to synchronizing the next time. While synchronization with an older version of one of these applications will work, there are certainly cases where any data entered using these new features might be lost during a sync with an old version of one of the applications. In general, the new fields will be left in place, but since the old applications do not know about these fields it may be possible for them to be left behind in the sync process. Of course this is not an issue if the application performing the synchronization processing is updated to the current release version.

The new high resolution signature feature is implemented so that the existing low resolution signature is captured as well. This means that if you synchronize your logbook to an application that does not know about high resolution signatures the low resolution signature will be available and displayed.

As always, please contact us with any questions or issues you may have.

Happy Diving!
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