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New firmware for Heinrichs Weikamp Sport

Hello to HW Sport users on the Mac.

Dive Log Manager/DiveLogDT uses (regular) Bluetooth to download the Sport dive information into your logbook. In early August 2015, Heinrichs Weikamp introduced a new version of firmware for the Sport, version number 10.19. Unfortunately, this version of firmware has some Bluetooth timing problems when used with Mac hardware.

What you’ll notice is that downloading will encounter an error part way through the download. It won’t always be in the same place, but it will appear to be working fine initially, and then there will be around a 3 second “pause”, and then you’ll get a message saying there was an error downloading.

Heinrichs Weikamp has determined what the problem is, and there is now a new version of firmware available, version 10.20 and it is available here:

Also note that this problem will show up regardless of which logbook software you are using on the Mac. So this will show up with other 3rd party Mac based logbook software as well. Unfortunately, this problem will also make it difficult to upgrade the firmware to the new version on a Mac - you might have to find a PC in order to do the firmware upgrade.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or Heinrichs Weikamp if you have any questions.